Get ready to upcycle

waste mineral wool

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Upcycling Waste Mineral Wool

EcoUp WasteX is a patented, end-to-end processing line for upcycling waste mineral wool into re-usable raw material. Instead of landfill, waste mineral wool is transformed into clean, micron-sized pulver, and can now be used as a binder for geopolymer concrete, for instance.


Automated cleaning and separation of metals, wood, plastic and rubble from mineral wool


Crushing of cleaned mineral wool in to mm-sized grains


Grinding of crushed mineral wool into clean, micron-sized pulver

Ideal Solution for Waste Recyclers

With EcoUp WasteX it is now possible to turn waste mineral wool into business – at the same time preventing mineral wool from landfills and enabling new revenue streams from re-usable raw material sales. Processing equipment is designed for energy-efficiency and is suitable to be used in typical waste processing facility infrastructure.

Upcycled Yet Carbon Neutral

Replacing virgin materials with recycled content is of course a must already now, but sometimes it means that while increasing the recycled content the carbon footprint might actually increase due to the heavy processing that is needed in order to create new raw material from waste. Our process and equipment is designed to minimize the carbon footprint of waste processing.


New Products
with Waste Mineral Wool

So what can you use waste mineral wool for? Concrete products are under regulative restrictions which means that traditional cement has to be used in for example load bearing structures. However, there are a lot of product categories that can utilize mineral wool waste as raw material already today – for example concrete blocks and columns, pavers and facade elements to mention a few. We provide both ready-made formulas as well as support for verifying the suitability of mineral wool waste as a raw material for your products.

Frequently asked questions

Our process is suitable for stone wool and glass wool. As we are dealing with waste, our equipment separates also the metals, wood, plastic and rubble from the mineral wool automatically.

1-2 operators – this depends on the level of automation and the desired packing method for your facility.

Depending on the line configuration the capacity of the line is suitable for up to 6000 tons per year in one shift.

EcoUp WasteX has an automated cleaning and separation for wood, plastic, metals, bricks and concrete.

There are multiple ways to work with us – we can either provide you with the needed data for the clean mineral wool pulver which allows you to create and optimize the entire material structure for your own products, or you can take one of our end product formulas into use.

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